AiryChat AI for Business

How does AiryChat help you?

  • Simple for nontechnical users – Our friendly and helpful assistants are eager to support your staff.
  • Enterprise Grade – Tools to get work done. Don’t let your staff mix their personal AI with business.
  • Training and best practices available.
  • PDF and DOCX indexing – Your staff can quickly scan and summarize documents and contracts.
  • Needle In A Haystack – Find details in vast context windows quickly and easily.
  • Always Best-In-Class – AiryChat technologies are built on industry-leading software from OpenAI, Meta, Google Gemini, and more. We can switch frameworks in a snap when the state of the art changes.
  • Long Term Memory – Your AI assistants remember what you were talking about last week, or last month, getting smarter over time. 
  • All-In-One – Integrated web searching, data analytics, and and image generation.


Scale Your Business

Grow your sales team without new staff. Automate your QA and proof reading. Give your brand marketers an assistant who never steps out for coffee. 

Multi-Modal API

Access our state-of-the-art multimodal API for a unified AI interface. Text, images, web, code, file processing, and more, all in a single interface.

Automated Data Analysis

Process CSV files, access Google Analytics, and output formatted performance reviews based on specified KPIs – easily.

Custom AI Chatbots

Do you need customer service for your ecommerce store? What about tech support for your platform-as-a-service? We can stand up a dedicated and focused AI chatbot to close those sales, help those customers, and train your users. 

Our Services

Unlock Your Business Potential


Sales & Support Chatbots

Our models clean up customer engagement, preventing users from jailbreaking or abusing AI. 


Process Optimization

Our unique large file ingestion methods allow your team to accomplish the unimaginable. From onboarding to optimization, we can accelerate your processes.


Cutting Edge Technologies

We have created the first ever truly multi-modal API allowing for many forms of AI tool to be centralized to a single interface. When paired with a Virtual Private AI Server, your business will be uniquely positioned for the new way of working.

LEt’s Work Together

We Serve Fortune 500 and Startups Alike

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We support the development of major business services for global firms, and our API is accessible for early stage startups. Your business is important to us and we want to help you succeed. 

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