How does AI work?

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Unlocking AI’s Potential: Expert Strategies for Writing Powerful Queries

Writing AI queries is an art form that takes just a little practice to master. Here you will gain a deep understanding of how to communicate your needs to AI effectively. When you ask the right questions, provide the necessary context, and fine-tune your queries you will get much better results. Embrace the process and don’t be discouraged if you stumble along the way. With each query you construct, you’ll sharpen your skills and discover new ways to harness this new power.

Rewrite text

With its powerful algorithms and lightning-fast processing, AI can take your existing copy and give it a makeover that perfectly matches your vibe. Don’t sweat it if your copy needs a little oomph – let AI do its thing and watch your content reach new levels.

Example query:

Rewrite the following copy so that the language is more specific, concise, and has fewer adjectives.”The best way…”

In the voice of…

AI can write copy in the voice of someone else. It’s like having a virtual mimic master, picking up on all the juicy details that make that person unique. This technology uses language models and deep learning to soak up every ounce of their tone, style, and quirks. The result? Copy that oozes with their unmistakable voice, as if they penned it themselves.

Example query:

Rewrite the following copy in the voice of John F Kennedy.

Correct mistakes in copy and code

AI is a quick learner, but even the smartest tech can misstep from time to time. If AI falls short and leaves you scratching your head, just tell it exactly where it went wrong. Give it some clear-cut guidance and it will rectify its mistakes. It’s all about that feedback loop – you steer AI in the right direction.

Example query:

Use fewer adjectives
Condense this copy into one paragraph
Change the tone to happy and fun
Remove the word “dynamic” from this copy
Replace name “Steve” in this copy with “Linus”

Make a list

Whether you need a rundown of top recommendations or a meticulously curated catalog of features, AI’s got your back. Say goodbye to tedious data sifting and endless organizing – with AI, you’ll have a polished, well-structured list in seconds.

Example query:

Create a list of SEO words for a website about Home Inspections
Create a list of SEO words for my website (toggle to use the internet)
Create a list of ingredients needed to make lasagna

Create AI art

Decide which artistic medium you want to explore. Are you into paintings, drawings, or maybe diving into the digital realm? Next up, think about the style or inspiration that sets your soul on fire – whether it’s channeling the spirit of a legendary artist or a unique concept that’s burning in your mind. Be clear and provide specific guidelines, preferences, and any constraints you may have. Include examples or references to help AI understand your artistic vision. The more detailed your query, the more mind-blowing the artwork it’ll produce.


Example queries:

  • Photorealistic girl with brown curly hair in a seattle coffee shop
  • Simple image of a heart shaped sugar cookie with pink sprinkles, white background
  • Raccoons playing in a stream, in the style of Tim Burton
  • Picasso cubist portrait of Ben Stiller

Write new code

Save yourself hours of time by letting AI generate code blocks or entire simple webapps. Take the time to outline the scope and requirements of your project. Which technologies, what is the interface, what are the outputs? Don’t hold back on the juicy details. You can even ask your assistant to explain parts of the code or suggest alternatives. AI is not a mind reader, so if your result is bad, you can edit the query or ask for revisions. It may help to ask for the project in parts, such as below, where I ask for ‘orientation’ which is not part of the app functionality yet.

Example query:

Let’s make an HTML/CSS/JS web app. Using only vanilla JS and jQuery, please make a mobile-first webapp which allows users to drag dinosaur sprites around the page, over a background image. Each sprite must have a specified name, image url, size, and orientation. Please include full Metatags in the HTML file.